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Search Engine Market Shares in France

June 12, 2008

Xiti, the audience measurement leader in France, has just released May’s rankings in search engine market shares. Of course, there’s no surprise in it. Google is way far ahead of its main competitors, Yahoo and MSN.

Search Engine Ranks France May 2008

With 90.33% of the market share, Google maintains its monopoly of the web searches in France.
Yahoo!, on the other hand, lost 0.17 points compared to April and is only 0.45 away fro Microsoft’s Live Search.
That only leaves less than 5% to the really small players.

It is interesting to notice, though, that search market shares are not at all directly related to the unique visitor volume. According to Nielsen//NetRatings, in March 2008, Google sites had 21.5M unique visitors, 1.3M more than Microsoft’s 20.2M while Yahoo! ranks 6th with 10.8M.

Should I also tell you that Google is in fact the only search engine that has increased its market share in May (+0.32 points vs. April)…?


adCenter Desktop Beta

June 4, 2008

I’ve just found out that Microsoft has finally announced the launching of its adCenter Desktop Beta.

The adCenter Desktop is supposed to be a sort of Adwords Editor for MSN.
As, compared to Google’s and Yahoo’s, the adCenter web based platform is really awful to use – yes, I know that they keep improving it –, the launching of the adCenter Desktop is great news for me.
I can only hope that it will be available for testing in France as well. Even though MSN is not a heavy traffic generator for the search campaigns – they have less than 3% of market share -, they do provide quality clicks (think beyond the click, remember?).

For more info, though not a lot of, just check the official site.

On my side, I’ll keep you updated if I get the chance to use it soon.