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Faster Is Better : Landing Page Load Time Affects Your AdWords QS Now

June 19, 2008

AdWords Quality Score for the Page Load TimeThey announced it in March, now it’s on. Your landing page load time is now a factor in the AdWords Quality Score.

If you’re not abusing chained redirect URLs or don’t have a really slow server it shouldn’t affect your campaigns. On the other hand, if you have a really high speed page load, you might have the pleasant surprise of paying a little less for the clicks.

For now, only the HTML code downloading time is measured but Google intends to take into account all page elements soon. Another reason to choose carefully the landing pages or create dedicated ones.


Don’t Ask, Just Google It!

June 16, 2008

Yes, trying some world play humour here. Not sure I’m good at it though. ad on Google France
It has been a while now that I’ve kept noticing a certain advertiser popping up its ads on Google’s sponsored links results. Nothing strange until here, right? Only that I’m talking about
Of course that makes me curious if this is about getting traffic to their site and doing some branding job or if they have something else in mind.

Seeing the landing page, arbitrage is the first thing that comes to mind. But then again, how profitable could this be? As Google is the provider of these sponsored links. ad landing page in FranceEven though they have a “stay down” strategy, appearing only in low positions, thus paying not-so-expensive clicks, I still don’t believe they can use this as a business model.

On the other hand, with only 0.15%, ranked 6th in search volume share, last month, in France. If getting a better score is their goal, I’m asking my self if this is the best strategy. I mean, some “Not happy with this results? Try using instead!” should do a better job instead of the “Search X on Ask!” they keep using right now.

I’ll keep diggin’ as this has really stirred up my curiosity.

Oh, look, same thing on What’s with the shopping search engine text? ad on Google UK

Random Thoughts on Google AdWords Content Campaigns

June 5, 2008

Well, the fact is that performances on the content network are inferior to those on the search network, especially for the ROI focused campaigns.

But, content campaigns might, and usually do, prove interesting when dealing with branding campaigns – driving qualified traffic to the site without conversion goals – or with prospect data base building actions. So this applies mostly to the B2C campaigns.

There are though rules to follow.

First that comes to mind is: never ever just activate the content network on your regular search campaigns. Building an efficient content campaign needs a separate strategy. As you are probably aware, the ads are not triggered by a single keyword in a content campaign. It’s the whole ad group that defines the theme. That is why using around 10 keywords per ad group is usually enough. No need to use very specific expressions. Just put together pertinent keywords defining a specific semantic universe. And then tie them up with some relevant ad text. And then create as many ad groups as you can, following the same concept.

For B2B campaigns I would advise focusing on the site targeting. AdWords has a tool that gives you a list of sites by analyzing your own/client’s, related to a keyword list that you provide or by letting you browse vertically through their proposed categories. You could identify some interesting niche sites this way. Using the classic content network as well but with a lower budget might provide you with some other sites to add to the site targeting campaign, just generate a placement report.

Nevertheless, in any case, make sure that the content campaigns are tracked correctly. When using a bid management tool this should not be a problem – usually they do all the job by themselves. But if you are only tracking the campaign with redirection URLs or with URL tags make sure you set them at the ad level and not at the keyword level as for the regular search campaigns.

Does this post make any sense?