Click! …and beyond?

Yes, there is life beyond the click. I know it, you know it, they all know it. Or do they..?

It’s been now more than three years that the web is my work environment. I am still amazed, though, to see that sometimes, way too many times, I am seen more of a click hustler. The click is the new gold, the search marketing is the new El Dorado. Everybody wants clicks, cheap clicks, a lot of clicks. They want the most of the cheapest clicks they can get. It seems that watching your unique visitors curve grow day by day is THE way to success. I know it isn’t, you know it isn’t. How do you get them to realise it isn’t?

Well, there’s the easy way, where they take your word for it and let you do your job the way it needs to be done. And there’s, of course, the hard way. It comes a little later. When the joy of seeing the traffic stats go upper and upper starts going a way. Yes, traffic goes up, sales don’t. Didn’t see that coming, right?

I’m not saying that getting a lot of traffic isn’t good. It’s great. As long as it’s free. But, as soon as you start paying for it, think twice before buying. Every spent cent counts. This is when thinking beyond the click becomes inevitable, isn’t it?


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